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Why Your Feet Smell Like Vinegar: Causes & Solutions

Have you noticed that your feet smell like vinegar? You’re not alone! Many people find that not only do they have foot odor, but that their feet smell like vinegar. While this may seem odd, especially considering how unlikely it is that your feet come into contact with vinegar on a regular basis, there are several reasons that feet smell like vinegar.

Reasons Your Feet Smell Like Vinegar

One of the most common reasons feet smell like vinegar is due to foot sweat. Hyperhidrosis is the term used to refer to excessive sweating; this may include sweating in your feet. Hyperhidrosis may not be related to heat or exercise.

While the underlying cause of it is unknown, plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive foot sweat) may be caused by health conditions including diabetes, thyroid conditions, nervous system disorders, infections, and hormonal changes. This can lead to Bromodosis, or smelly feet. Bromodosis is a common medical condition that results in bacteria growth or fungal infections (i.e., athlete’s foot) on the skin, which often causes foot odors.

Feet smelling like vinegar could also be the result of other things, especially if your foot odor has recently changed. If you have always had foot odor but recently noticed that your feet now smell like vinegar, this could be due to diet changes, hormonal changes, or lifestyle changes. If after evaluating all of these scenarios, you are still unclear as to why your feet smell like vinegar, it could be useful to see a doctor, as it’s possible that the foot odor is caused by bacteria.

Solutions for Feet Smelling Like Vinegar

The good news about foot odor and feet that smell like vinegar is that there are solutions.  The first step to combating foot odor is to wash your feet daily with antibacterial soap. If washing your feet once per day is not enough, consider washing more frequently but not so often as to dry out your skin.

Then consider soaking your feet for 10-20 minutes in a bowl of warm water with Epsom salt to draw out excess moisture and kill off bad bacteria. The next several steps include keeping your feet dry, changing your socks during the day, adding powder to your footcare routine to keep your feet dry, and disinfecting your shoes. The goal is to remove any potential bacteria from the feet and shoes so odors can evaporate.

If you are concerned that your feet smelling like vinegar may be a symptom of a larger issue, the best next course of action is to seek medical advice from a healthcare professional. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a medication to help with foot odor and similar conditions. For more information on how to care for your feet, we encourage you to read up on the topic here.

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