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5 Tips for Preventing Calluses on Your Hands & Fingers

Lifting weights at the gym, playing guitar, and working with your hands (i.e., tailors, gardeners, etc.) all have something in common: they put you at risk for developing calluses on your hands and fingers. While they are not typically dangerous, calluses that are left untreated could lead to certain unpleasant health conditions.

The goal is to avoid getting calluses in the first place. That’s why we put together some helpful tips to prevent developing calluses on your hands and fingers.

  1. Wear Protective Gloves When Working Out

This goes for gym fiends, weightlifters, CrossFitters, rock climbers, and gymnasts alike. Sweaty palms and intensely gripping heavy weights, pull-up bars, parallel bars, or any other gym equipment is a recipe for calluses on your hands. To avoid hand calluses at the gym or when working out, consider investing in a pair of protective gym gloves, wraps, or grips. Chalk is also a good alternative for absorbing the sweat on your palms. Many gymnasts and rock climbers have chalk in the gym, so don’t be shy about dipping into it.

  1. Use Lighter Gauge Guitar Strings

Unfortunately for guitar players, there are very few preventative measures. Experts suggest using lighter gauge guitar strings to minimize callus buildup. Keep in mind, however, that this may impact tone and volume.

  1. Avoid Hot Water

Wash your hands, but avoid excessively hot water when doing so. Very hot water will dry out your hands, making them chapped, cracked, and susceptible to callusing. Instead, wash hands in room temperature or lukewarm water. When you’re done washing your hands, make sure to pat them dry instead of rubbing them with a towel.

  1. Moisturize Your Hands

After you pat dry your hands, moisturize them. This simple step is one of the best ways to help prevent calluses on your hands and fingers. For an everyday hand cream that will provide daily restoration to your fingers and hands, we suggest Sorevna’s Natural Hand Therapy.

  1. Soak Your Hands

We want to prevent calluses on your fingers and hands, but what happens if you already have them? For existing calluses, the best course of action is to soak your hands in warm (remember, NOT HOT), soapy water. Doing this will soften the calluses on your hands and fingers and make them easier to remove. Calluses can be removed using specific tools like a pumice stone or with a gentle exfoliant. Always use care when removing calluses, corns, and dead skin from your hands and feet.

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