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At Sorevna®, we have selected every ingredient to be safe on the body without compromising efficacy. With years of clinical data, we determined what would be the best combination of ingredients to effectively address certain issues that we combat daily, such as corns and calluses, dry skin, etc. To highlight some of our more unusual selections, we have provided descriptions below.

BROCCOLI SEED OIL- We have at least 10 years of data supporting the overwhelming benefits of broccoli, and not just in your diet.  By taking the seeds of broccoli sprouts, we are able to selectively harvest high concentrations of sulforaphane, a protective ingredient, and powerful antioxidant.  A study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine demonstrated broccoli sprouts to even be protective against chemical carcinogens.  With these known properties of protection, and the hands being constantly exposed to the elements, broccoli seed oil became a key component in our hand creams.  
CERAMIDE COMPLEX- Ceramides help replenish the body’s natural skin barrier.  This is mainly achieved by helping reinforce the connection between cells in your skin called keratinocytes.  It is important to realize that this is not the same thing as a hydrophobic barrier that will wash off, like petroleum jelly.  Ceramide complexes are designed to aid your skin in repairing the bridges between its cells.  Although it is extremely effective at skin restoration, many creams do not include a ceramide complex as it is very expensive.  At Sorevna®, all our creams for hands and feet have a ceramide complex in their formula.  
TEA TREE OIL- Many companies promote tea tree oil in their product lines, but it is important to note the components in tea tree oil that make it beneficial.  Real tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.  The key ingredient is terpinen-4-ol, which has been shown in clinical trials to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth.  Additional data has also suggested that pure tea tree oil increases white blood cell activity, helping the body to ward off infections.  The crucial part of these studies showed that these effects were only appreciated in true, pure tea tree oil.  Many products on the market currently will make these claims while using tea tree fragrance, or very diluted concentrations of tea tree.  At Sorevna®, we only use 100% pure tea tree oil imported from Australia.
UREA- urea is a byproduct of various different enzymatic processes in the human body.  Despite its name, the formulation used in skin products is not derived from urine.  It is notably renown in the medical and cosmetic community for its ability to act not only as a moisturizer but also as a keratolytic agent (a substance that removes unwanted excess skin).  More recent studies regarding urea suggest that it also has a role in treating skin sensitivity. Because urea is naturally produced by the human body, an allergic reaction to it would be extraordinarily rare.  
ALLANTOIN- Derived from the comfrey plant of Asia and Europe, allantoin possesses many soothing as well as exfoliating properties.  As the hands and feet are constantly exposed to shearing stresses, part of the goal is reducing the damage and inflammation from these stresses.  All Sorevna® products for the hands and feet contain allantoin as an added measure of restoration. 
CALENDULA EXTRACT- similar to allantoin, calendula extract has noted anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to soothe inflamed skin, as well as help, protect it from bacteria and fungus. These known antimicrobial properties also allow calendula extract to serve, like tea tree oil, as a natural preservative eradicating the need for synthetic, harsh compounds. 
LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT- is a nonliving probiotic ingredient that allows for the restoration of the skin’s natural flora. This is extremely important in the hands where exposure to antiseptics is routine and frequent. The skin, just like the gut, has good bacteria that serve many important roles. The use of antibiotic soaps, just like the use of oral antibiotics, is nonselective, killing the good with the bad.  At Sorevna®, we addressed this problem by supplementing probiotics for the hands in our daily hand cream formula.  

Functions and Benefits of Urea in Lotion and Skin Care Products

As mentioned above, Sorevna products include urea as one of their key ingredients. Urea has a wide range of functions and advantages in lotions and skin care products and is gentle on sensitive skin, but also very effective at treating flaky and dry skin. 

Urea is produced from two naturally occurring amino acids found in the skin's outer layers. It helps to remove unwanted dead skin cells, promoting a smooth complexion and healthy skin. Furthermore, its hydrating properties restore the natural moisturizing factor that helps maintain optimal skin barrier protection.

Urea can also benefit those with sensitive or dry skin,  as it softens flaky areas while reducing buildup. In addition, its keratolytic action helps break down any proteins that form a protective layer on the surface of the skin, allowing for better absorption of other ingredients found in creams, serums or lotions.

This versatile ingredient also has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. Moreover, it enhances these effects when used together with topical applications. Urea is beneficial for anyone wishing to improve their skin care routine and protect their delicate skin layers.