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What Makes a Good Foot Care Regimen?

How to Care for Your Feet

Why Skin Care for Your Feet Matters

Did you know that your feet are home to around 100 different kinds of fungi? Before you start to panic about that fact, you should also know that the majority of these fungi are beneficial to our health. In most situations, the helpful fungi on our feet keep the harmful ones in check, preventing fungal infections and keeping our feet healthy.

However, the same environment that encourages the growth of helpful fungi also encourages the growth of harmful species. That's one reason you must do your part to keep the skin on your feet healthy. Obviously, you couldn't change your feet's environment without killing the helpful fungi along with the harmful ones, so your role is to prevent ways for the harmful fungi to enter through the skin.

That means making sure to keep the skin on your feet soft, moist and free of cracks. Unfortunately, many people ignore this part of skin care, which allows harmful fungi to slip through and cause foot damage. The good news is that by developing a routine and sticking to it, you can limit the risk of infection while enjoying smooth, soft feet. Here's what you should know.

What Causes Rough Skin and Dry Heels?

During the day, you put a lot of pressure on your feet. Whenever you're doing anything other than lying down, your feet are in action at all times. That means it's important to give them the support they need to stay in good shape.

In practice, that means wearing shoes that fit your feet, not going without clean socks and limiting your exposure to hard surfaces. Think about it. Every time you take a step, you're putting the full force of your body on your feet and requiring them to absorb that impact. Walking on a hard surface, such as a wood floor, puts pressure on your feet from opposing forces. Over time, that can cause the skin of your heels to dry out and crack.

Failing to change your socks and not wearing them regularly can also cause problems. If you're going without socks, one of two things is true. Either you're barefoot, in which case your skin is unprotected from the elements and can dry out fast, or you're wearing shoes without socks, which means excess moisture is present on your foot, encouraging rapid fungi growth. Either situation can cause rough skin and dry heels because you've thrown off the balance that keeps your feet healthy. 

Setting a Good Foot Care Routine

Paying a little attention to your feet every day is one of the best things you can do for them. Using a reliable foot care product and giving feet some time to rest now and then can do wonders for their health. If you've noticed your heels or the soles of your feet drying out, using a good daily moisturizer for dry feet is a great start.

Once you start taking care of your feet, make it a part of your schedule. You don't want to overdo it and remove oils on your feet, but you also don't want to take too little care of your feet. Ideally, once a day at bedtime is a great time to address your feet.

How Can Sorevna Products Help Your Feet?

Sorevna uses natural ingredients to provide a relaxing blend for your feet that helps them to recover from the stress of the day. Our foot creams offer a natural mix of distilled water, coconut oil and other natural ingredients to help moisturize your feet and treat dry skin. Besides our daily foot care product, we also offer a more advanced product that's specifically designed to soften calluses. Sorevna foot care products are designed to make soft, healthy feet a reality and keep them well-protected from the stress of the day.

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