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Treating Dry And Hard Skin On Feet

If you are frequently on your feet throughout the day for work, you may have noticed dry, hard skin forming on the sole of your foot. You may even have developed corns and calluses after a period of time. While those are perfectly normal reactions to prolonged standing and walking, hard skin may present problems for some people, especially if on the heel or ball of the foot.  Solutions for managing hard or callused skin are reviewed below.

Why Does Hard Skin Form?

Believe it or not, the hard skin that forms on your feet is actually the body’s way of protecting you. Stress on the feet from daily activities triggers a defense reaction by the body. This process leads to a thickening of the top layer of skin and the formation of callus and corns. In medicine, these lesions are called hyperkeratotic lesions because they form from the overgrowth of the keratin layer that protects the skin from environmental stressors.

Treating Hard Skin

If you do not have an ongoing medical condition, there are thankfully some at-home measures that can be taken to easily help manage calluses and rough skin. 

  • First, soak your feet in a basin of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. It is beneficial to add salts to the water, such as Epson salt.
  • After your feet have had the chance to soak, use a nail file or pumice stone to remove the dead skin. Do so in a sideways motion, slowly. Do not use the pumice stone on the top of your feelings.
  • After gently removing the callus with a pumice stone, apply a topical cream to restore the moisture barrier.

Get Foot Cream Formulated with All Natural Ingredients from Sorevna

Finding the right foot cream can be challenging. If you are searching for a foot cream that helps manage rough skin and calluses, Sorevna would be perfect for you.  With years of medical experience, our creams are formulated by a doctor with expertise in the field to specifically address dry, callused skin in a manner that is safe and effective.  Using clinically proven ingredients such as urea and tea tree oil, our creams are designed to protect and restore your feet from long days of work or exercise.
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