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5 Things Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Health

Did you know that your feet can be the first indicators of many different serious medical conditions?  Many conditions, such as diabetes, can first start with symptoms, such as tingling in the feet, prior to any known diagnosis of the condition.  Close attention to foot care is extremely important in overall wellness.  That’s why it’s important to know how to care for your feet day in and day out! 

 Broken Toenails

Sometimes broken or cracked toenails are simply that; other times, cracked nails may represent a symptom of an underlying health condition. Cracked nails can result from using harsh nail products, overexposure to moisture and/or dryness, or even more serious conditions like psoriasis, anemia, thyroid conditions, and fungal infections. Cracked nails and broken toenails could also be indicative of nutritional deficiencies, especially biotin.

Spoon-Shaped Nails

Injuries to the toes can cause irregularities in the toenails. One common condition is spoon-shaped toenails (koilonychia). Frequent exposure to petroleum-based solvents, chemotherapy, or a chronic malabsorption of nutrients are examples of common causes.  One can even have iron deficiency anemia as an underlying cause.  If you have noticed that your nails are irregular shaped, or spoon shaped it is worth visiting your physician for a checkup as this could also be representative of many systemic issues such as psoriasis, Raynaud’s syndrome, thyroid disorders, vitamin B deficiency, lupus, or even heart disease.

Yellow Toenails

There are several reasons for yellowing toenails, just some of which include aging and nail polish. While these two causes are benign, yellow toenails could also indicate a more serious medical condition like an infection, fungus, or vitamin E deficiency.

Cold Toes & Feet

People with cold feet and toes may simply be prone to cold extremities, but they may also have other health conditions like Raynaud’s disease or complications due to diabetes. Cold toes and feet (as well as cold hands and fingers) are usually due to poor circulation, which could result from a number of factors. While the root health conditions must be addressed, a great thing to do in the meantime is to massage the feet with foot cream to stimulate circulation.

 Swollen Feet

Swollen feet can happen after standing too long or even after a long flight.  While swollen feet usually go down after several hours, they may be a cause for concern if they stay swollen for an extended period. There are exceptions in this with pregnant women, whose feet may stay swollen throughout their entire pregnancy.  Chronic swelling (edema) in the feet could be a result of poor circulation, poor lymphatic drainage, or even a kidney disorder.  

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