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Benefits of Urea in Foot Care Products

At Sorevna, all our foot creams contain organic urea. You may be wondering, what exactly is urea? If you scan the ingredients of a large range of cosmetic products, you will find urea is a common ingredient used in haircare, skincare, and even makeup products. Urea is a highly effective moisturizer for dry skin, but more importantly, it aids in the management of dry or rough skin at the proper concentrations.  We have delicately balanced the ratio of urea in our creams to maximize its benefits consistent with the current clinical literature without the need for other harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Understanding Urea

As a naturally occurring substance, urea is both a hygroscopic substance and humectant. You may have heard of the term “humectant” in skincare, especially when it comes to moisturizers. This is because humectants retain and preserve moisture and water content in the skin. On the other hand, hygroscopic substances are brilliant at absorbing water from their surroundings. This makes urea the perfect ingredient of choice for use in our foot creams.

Benefits of Urea

With so many other moisturizing ingredients out there, what is it that makes urea special? Read on to find out the top benefits of organic urea in foot cream:

  • We already know that urea is highly moisturizing, but it also has exfoliation properties. The process of exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the affected area, such as calluses. This is all without causing damage to the skin!
  • One problem that comes with dry and hard skin on your feet is the formation of corns and calluses. These have the chance to grow when your feet are constantly being rubbed against the surface of your shoe or when you are on your feet for extended periods of time. Dry and hard skin as well as accumulation of dead skin cells can be prevented with a urea foot cream, reducing the chances of corn and callus development.
  • Coming with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, urea is also an anti-pruritic ingredient that helps to relieve itching that may be present in dry and hard skin on the feet. This helps to speed up the process of recovery.
  • Urea not only increases the water content of the skin on your feet, it also strengthens the topmost layer of skin, known as the epidermis. When you suffer from hard and dry skin on your feet, the focus is not just to get it removed, but to prevent the same thing from happening again. With a strong skin barrier that protects your feet from further damage and trauma, urea helps to reduce the chances of future foot infections.

Get Urea Foot Cream from Sorevna

If you suffer from hard and dry skin on your feet or are looking to maintain your skin, try our foot creams from Sorevna.  Our clinically proven ingredients provide creams that are formulated specifically for the feet.  In addition, you can shop with peace of mind that we are committed to sustainability. If you have any queries or require more information about our products, please feel free to contact us.
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