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Home Remedies to Stop Peeling Fingertips

Peeling fingertips is a common phenomenon that usually caused by environmental factors. Noticing that your fingertips are peeling may be jarring, but it is usually not a cause for concern, as the condition will likely fade. Fingertips that are peeling could be due to a number of different things including cold weather, extremely hot water, certain skin products, and even cleaning agents. A common culprit of dry, peeling fingertips is using cleaning products with bleach without wearing gloves. The good news is that there are several home remedies you can do to stop peeling fingertips and replenish your hands.

Why Fingertips Peel

Before diving into the solutions, it is important to understand why fingertips peel in the first place. As previously mentioned, there are several reasons your fingertips may be peeling. Before seeking treatment for peeling fingertips or turning to remedies for peeling fingertips, evaluate the circumstances of your situation. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold without wearing warm weather gloves? Do you notice your fingertips starting to peel after washing your hands in hot water? Are you on any skin or acne medications like Accutane that could cause excessive dryness? All of these are factors to consider when determining the root cause of why your fingertips are peeling. While some of these behaviors (i.e., wearing gloves when going out in cold weather) may be preventable, others may not.

What are the Best Ingredients to Stop Peeling Fingertips?

Healing your peeling skin may be as easy as finding the right ingredients, many of could already be in your home! There are plenty of home remedies that can help stop peeling fingertips.

Aloe for Burns

Aloe is great for helping with burns and can be especially useful if you burn your fingertips while cooking or in the sun. Applying fresh aloe to the affected area is the best way to prevent burns from turning into peeled skin.

Best Skin Oils for Peeling Fingertips

There are several different types of oils that can be used to help heal dry or peeling skin, especially around the fingertips. Coconut oil is super moisturizing and hydrating, making it one of the best remedies for dry skin. Jojoba oil is also great for peeling skin, as it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that can help alleviate skin conditions. Lavender oil is also great for peeling skin as it may help balance moisture levels and reduce pain associated with skin peeling. Similar to aloe, lavender oil also promotes the healing of skin tissue.

Shea Butter for Skin Healing

Some people consider shea butter to be a cure-all and for good reason! Shea butter not only has unparalleled healing properties but is also a vital skin protectant. The naturally occurring cinnamic acid inside shea butter can help reduce skin peeling while moisturizing skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal to Soothe Skin

Oatmeal may taste delicious, but did you know that it can also be nutritious for your skin? Several studies show that hand creams made with colloidal oatmeal help maintain the skin barrier to help reduce dryness, itchiness, and even stop peeling fingertips.

While using these ingredients on their own may be useful, one of the easiest ways to address peeling fingertips is to use an all-in-one hand cream. Explore the natural hand and foot creams available at Sorevna and start healing your skin today.

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